Cougar 700M USB Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

  • 8200 DPI Precision Gaming Sensor
  • Fire Button & 45 Degree Sniper button
  • Built-in FPS /MMORPG /MOBA /RTS Support
  • 32-Bit ARM Processor and 512 KB On-board Memory

Product Description

COUGAR 700M Aluminum Wired Laser 8200dpi Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse COUGAR 700M is packed with technology and features that make it the best gaming mouse on the market. An ADNS-9800 laser sensor works as the heart of this groundbreaking product that sports an award-winning platinum-based design that is also highly customizable. Packed with almost every single feature you might ask for, the 700M can store up to 30 functions on its 3 on-board profiles. We invite you to learn about some of the ways in which it will put you at the apex of the gaming food chain.


The COUGAR 700M is the world’s lightest (110g) aluminum-based mouse. Its chassis provides superb durability and a distinctive feel of robustness that sets it apart from most mouses on the market, which are plastic-based. This is part of a unique award-winning design that, in line with the 700M’s other features, has been created thinking on gamers’ needs.


8 configurable buttons plus the wheel up and down movement to put everything at a single hand’s reach. The fact that we have made all buttons totally configurable means that, with the ability to save internally up to 3 full profiles, we can store up to 30 functions on the mouse. If we use two of the buttons for instant mode switch, we can conveniently use up to 22 functions with a single hand from the mouse itself.Cougar 700M