Razer Mamba Elite 4G Mouse

RAZER Mamba 4G Mouse (Peripherals, Mice) With 6400dpi double 4G detection, the Mamba4G mouse from Razer combines a laser and optical sensor for ultimate precisionand its 1ms response time wired or wireless puts it streets ahead of the rest. Charge the battery using the dockingstation, which doubles as a wireless receiver. Make this mouse your own by choosing itslight from 16 million colours.

Product Description

The new gaming mouse Razer Mamba Elit Ergonomic received a significant update, now it is equipped with ultra-precise 4G Dual Sensor (fourth generation), through the use of laser and optical sensors significantly improves tracking accuracy movements by calibrating the sensors to work on a variety of surfaces and adjust the tracking distance for isolation from the surface of the mouse. An increase of 15% battery life for continuous play, the variety of lighting color options for personalization, as well as wireless communications technology, based on the best developments of the sector and optimized for gaming – all this allows Razer Mamba to act in their own, inaccessible to other league . wireless gaming technology Unmatched game Razer Mamba wireless technology allows you to work with this mouse using wireless communication as well as with the help of wires, providing absolute freedom of movement of the mouse for the glorious victories in games. Fast response time (1 ms) ensures priority performance of your team, even if the opponent is reacted at the same time with you. Fourth generation system (4G) c two sensors Rate a new standard for precision control in games, which established the 4G system with two sensors and 6400dpi resolution, equipped laser and optical sensors simultaneously, which provides a precise calibration of the mouse to work on any surface, and incredibly high precision tracking. Razer Mamba can not only keep up with your speed of movement of the mouse, but also allows you to adjust the maximum distance tracking in the separation of the mouse on the surface, which allows for perfect handling whatever your style of play. Longer battery life and charging dock Razer Mamba is powered by battery is 15% longer than its predecessor, allowing you longer use it in wireless mode in the game. And when you need to recharge, just place the mouse over a stylish charging dock which also acts as a radio receiver.Multicolor lights New multicolor LED, which supports over 16 million colors, allow you to customize the appearance of Razer Mamba for your personal style or mood. This is your weapon in the world winning games, yours and nobody’s more.

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